People Think Clay Tiles Are The Nicest Looking Roofing Materials


People have different preferences when it comes to which roofing materials they feel look the best. In terms of durability, materials like clay tiles and slate win out. These are some of the nicest looking roofing materials, too. Asphalt shingles are the most popular because they cost less, yet they look nice, too.

Homeowners are paying closer attention to their choices for roofing materials these days. Metal roofing is more popular than ever, and there are many choices. Different types of metal roofs look nice, but it’s hard to argue that they look better than clay or slate tile roofs.

A new roof is one of the more expensive home improvement projects out there. That is one of the reasons why you don’t see some of the more expensive and nicer looking materials as often. These materials also require expert installation. That means knowledgeable and experienced professionals must do the work. So when looking for a roofing company, make sure they are a qualified option by reading reviews from past customers. The same goes for metal roofs, and it’s shingle roofing that some homeowners try to make a do-it-yourself project.

Clay tiles not only look nice and pretty, but they are able to withstand the elements like you wouldn’t believe. These tiles look nice, but they aren’t necessarily the best type of roofing material choice for every home. If they are a good fit for your home though, then you certainly get to enjoy all the other benefits as well.

Not only do clay tiles withstand the elements and last longer, but they don’t require as much maintenance as some other material choices do. These tiles also help in terms of insulating your building, too. You’ve been told the pros, but there are the cons to consider as well. If you look at both sides and choose clay tiles, then you have certainly picked one of the nicest looking roofing materials on the market.

The Best HGTV Shows to Watch Now

Our whole family loves to watch HGTV together and has decided to document our favorite couple shows that can give you a lot of inspiration for your own personal or family projects!


Fixer Upper

Our first and most obvious HGTV favorite is Fixer Upper; they are a family just like our own who works with renovating peoples homes and completely changing their lives. This is such an inspiration for us as the homes always come out beautiful and unique. We love this show and would suggest it to any one of any age, gender or area code. They are based in Waco, Texas and have the most amazing unique wood furnished pieces made by their friend Clint. He makes handmade tables out of wood that always come out so beautifully. All of his pieces he makes are timeless which is something we took from the show and use in all of our projects; have a timeless piece of furniture that is unique, which you can pass down through your family. It will hold many memories and love along with being an awesome piece of furniture!


Property Brothers

Another Personal favorite HGTV show is Property Brothers. Anyone who has seen even a single episode of this show knows that the suspense is so real! They wait until the very end to see how their masterpiece has turned out; each episode leaves you just as surprised and impressed as the episode before. As somewhat opposed to Fixer Upper, Property Brothers is more of a contemporary vibe whereas Fixer Upper is more country and southern. Both have beautiful turnouts but more people appeal to the finish and style of Property Brothers; it just appeals to a bigger audience but we love both! Property Brothers have a few spinoffs from their original show including Buying and Selling where they go through the entire process of acquiring a new home. Our hands-down favorite show of their’s is the original Property Brothers. I don’t enjoy the other shows as much and think the Competition series between the two brothers looks moderately cheaper than the original Property Brothers series.

All in all, HGTV has many good options to watch for interior design an construction inspiration however these we our two favorite!

Out of the Dog House

Out of the Dog House was inspired by our family’s first transition from an older, non-rennovated house (“dog house”) to a family project that included a complete renovation. Ever since that experience we have decided as a family to pursue a dream together that has taken us beyond our farthest beliefs. We now have a successful home improvement and construction business that runs by fixing up and renovating peoples’ houses from their kitchens, landscaping, backyards, add-ons, to full and complete renovations!