Why You Should Never Pressure Clean Your Windows

Pressure washers are like a cool toy in the arsenal of garages and tool sheds in a lot of homes. But, as most people know, they are anything but a toy. They are extremely powerful cleaning machines. Often, they are used by professionals to clean houses, siding, patios and large equipment. Sometimes, they are used – and used competently – by the average homeowner to clean the exterior of their home.

Home-use pressure washers are easier to manage than professional grade machines are, but there are some reasons that power washing your home is not always a good idea; it can do more harm than good. But, what about windows? It can be dangerous trying to climb a ladder to reach the upper floor windows on an average house. Isn’t pressure washing a lot safer because of how easy it is to reach those higher windows using the stream from the hose?

Is it safe to pressure clean something like your home’s windows? We talked to pressure cleaning experts over at Code3 Pressure Cleaning and they said it can go both ways, yes and no. It is if the windows are in good condition. If there is no chipped paint, frames or cracks in the glass, you should be fine if you use an appropriate pressure washer made for home use.

If the caulking or glazing is missing from any of the windows, do not proceed with the pressure washer. Have these items fixed before you attempt cleaning them? Otherwise, the pressure from the hose can damage your windows and your home’s exterior.

If you follow the instructions carefully and use caution around plants and shrubs, you can safely wash your windows with a pressure washer. You should never pressure clean them if they are damaged in any way or in poor condition. If this is the case, let the professionals come to fix your windows and handle the pressure washing for you.